At TechTV Ginnie was both a segment and field producer. This piece for "Fresh Gear" was shot in San Diego with a cameraman who couldn't swim. Alas, Waters Around the Bay saved the day!

Ginnie produced field segments for The Food Network with Al Roker, including this one with chocolatier Joseph Schmidt. 

Kuvings Blender presented a bit of a challenge. They had a video, but not a script. Ms. Waters wrote the script and added the VO and graphics to match the supplied video. 

This video for a non-profit was conducted in the field with Ginnie interviewing the client about a non-profit that is building schools to empower children in Nigeria. She later edited out the questions and produced the final video.

Explaining a new software for hotels was accomplished with a script written by Ms. Waters and assets from the client and stock footage. 

A client wanted a dozen videos to explain how to be a seller on Amazon. After learning how to use the system, a script was written and video made using screenshots.