Ginnie Waters 



Eclectic background with over 20 years experience in communications including spokesperson, writer, reporter, anchor and editor. Excel at writing scripts, interviewing, copywriting, concepts and project management. Spokesperson with marketing background - Journalist who loves bringing words to life with creative, compelling stories.




  • TechTV, Field Producer, Fresh Gear, Pitch stories and write/produce/direct field segments on new technology.

  • TechTV, Segment Producer, The Screen Savers, Develop stories for live daily 90-minute show with audience. Interview guests, write scripts and manage segments with video. Write blog.

  • The Food Network, Write and produce segments for Al Roker’s, “Roker on the Road”.

  • KTVU-TV, Write/produce segments and host for live noon news broadcast.

  • KRON-TV, Write/produce Pete Wilson’s Bay TV talk show. Book guests and write questions.

  • On Computers, Pitch stories, produce, write, edit and report for syndicated technology show with Leo LaPorte.

  • KKGN, Create first ever radio show on green and sustainable living for daily prime time one-hour commercial    radio, “Green Seed Radio”.

  • KKSF-FM, Develop, write, host and produce one-hour award winning magazine format show. Interview over 1000 celebrities and personalities from Julia Child to Jay Leno. Record and edit.

  • KGO-FM Radio, Interview guests on live Legal Matters talk show with phone-ins.

  • KQED-FM Fog City Radio, Interview guests on live show with audience. Pitch ideas, research and book guests.

  • NPR, KQED-FM, Write/host commentaries for syndicated wellness show.



  • America Online Digital Cities, Host/Writer/Producer. Conceive and develop, online website “Waters Around the Bay”. Host online chats with celebrities and personalities. Write content including reviews and original material.

  • Interactive Exhibit Mill Valley Film Festival, Executive Producer. Initiate and produce first interactive event at any film festival. Produce video, If You Don’t Like the Movies, Go Out and Make One of Your Own.

  • Nimblefish, Copywriter/Producer. Write video scripts for ad agency including AT&T, Sears (with Ty Pennington), Marriott, Chrysler, GM, the Navy, etc. Work with creative team and interface with clients developing concepts.

  • DeltaTRAK, Writer, Producer, host and editor of videos for cold management tracking company.

  •, Writer/Producer/Host. Write scripts, host, shoot and edit video for social networking shopping site.   

  • My Gift Enterprise, Write, host, shoot explainer videos

  • International Effectiveness Centers, concepts, flyers, content and videos.

  • Joint Juice, Writer/producer. Write and produce video for launch of Joint Juice Fitness.

  • Kuvings, Writer and voice-over for website product video.

  • The Higher Plane Series, Producer/Project Manager. Produce/write video for DVD’s, audio interview, ebook, etc.

  • Ursa Minor Arts & Media, Write scripts, full service production company with recording studio, video and Internet  plans and proposals for

  • Schulberg MediaWorks, Write/produce and project management, for national award winning infomercials) company. (Tempurpedic, TimeLife, Sony, QVC, etc.)

  • Indigo Films, Pitch show ideas and write proposals for television syndicated programming (National Geographic, History Channel, HGTV, etc.)

  • Tamarin Productions, Write/produce jingles.



Conceptualize video strategy (explainer, product, animated, screenshots, etc.) for websites, training, presentations, etc. Write scripts, shoot, edit, record voice-overs, and act as spokesperson. Perform copywriting, scriptwriting, and content writing for numerous companies. Partial list of most recent clients:


  •, Video

  • journalist. Interview, produce, write, shoot, edit videos.

  • Motorola, write scripts for product videos.

  • Stanford, IMS Executive Program. Shoot, direct video for broadcast, youtube, blog distribution.

  • ChalkyTalky, spokesperson, write script, shoot, edit explainer video.

  • Sephora, write scripts for training video’s

  • Write/record VO’s for websites (Kuvings Blenders,,

  • Animation videos (,

  • Write/shoot/edit video for Wellness Center.

  • Write/record/edit interviews for websites (

  • Media training and production of online video ads (

  • Write scripts for health podcasts, “Health Matters”.

  • Script/video services and product.

  • Script/video, Dr. Mark Schillinger.

  • Video script, shoot/edit content

  • Content, project manager product .

  • Cord Blood registry, content, VO content, articles: stem cells.

  • Lapis Luna Wines, Design website, content: winery.

  •, content strategy, delivery for launch of job auction website.

  •, content, audio for travel book and site.

  •, content, audio, video.

  •, content, audio, video.

  • Brightsmile Cosmetics. Writer, videographer, editor and host for instructional and

web video.

  • Instant Garden Stand, consultant for start-up. Video training, content, marketing, infomercial strategies, etc.





  • Mill Valley Film Festival Program, editor, writer 

  • FamilyWorks, newspaper columnist

  • PSA magazine – in-flight travel magazine

  • Pacific Sun, reporter, editor

  • Marin Independent Journal, columnist, reporter

  • San Francisco Chronicle Magazine – numerous articles